our story:

Phone: (734) 402-7384, Fax (734) 956-5256
Hours: Monday through Thursday 9 am to 5 pm and Friday by appointment

Shannon originally enrolled in college right out of high school with the aspiration of

becoming a fully licensed psychologist.  However, shortly after the freshman semester

started, life circumstances and the death of a close friend curbed her education…at least

for a time…and she decided to pursue other interests. 

After spending several years in the building materials (construction) industry as a credit manager, she went on to complete her bachelor’s degree in Business Management, completed Stephen Ministry courses, obtained a Certified Professional Coder® certification through the AAPC, is a member of the Michigan Medical Billing Association, and is insured.  Interestingly, she kept coming back to things relating to mental health.  Now, IBL specializes in Mental Health, Psychiatry, Behavioral Health, and Professional Counseling Billing.

Integrity Billing, LLC (IBL) began in early 2010 after Shannon had a conversation with her grandmother (Me-Mom) shortly before her grandmother passed away.  Me-Mom said, “Honey, why are you working so hard for someone else?  You can do this on your own.”

After Me-mom passed, Shannon discussed the conversation with her family and they all encouraged her to move forward with starting a business.  Shannon toiled trying to figure out a name for the company.  She discussed her qualms with her mother.  She replied, “You are going to get a word and that word will be your company name.”  One day while driving, the word “Integrity” came to mind, thus becoming the business name.  Shannon was unsure about the company name and asked friends, family, and business associates to describe her in a few words.  Time and time again, they used woman of integrity, honest, loyal, "bird-dog", tenacious, dependable, genuine, hardworking, funny, trustworthy,  friend.  Then, she knew "Integrity Billing, LLC" was the perfect name and the cornerstone of the business!